Workoid uses a simple pricing model that is transparent for each client. Our pricing is calculated by taking the salary of your employees and adding our overhead costs. The overhead costs include access to our frameworks and processes, employee management and training. In addition to this any special licenses required for software will be added to the clients invoice.

A campaign with Workoid requires a minimum of 5 staff along with a $1,000 setup fee which is to cover the recruitment process, setup and workstation.


Any additional licenses you team requires will be added to your account under Additional Licenses

Name Position Monthly Salary Workoid Overhead Additional Licenses Total
Team Member 1 Support Specialist $559.28 $500 $0.00 $1,059.28
Team Member 2 Product Manager $1,118.57 $500 $0.00 $1,618.57
Team Member 3 Frontend Developer $671.14 $500 $0.00 $1,171.14
Team Member 4 Graphic Designer $715.88 $500 $20.00 $1,235.88
Team Member 5 Promo Manager $456.38 $500 $0.00 $956.38
Total $3,521.25 $2,500 $20.00 $6,041.25


This is the overhead that covers Workoid’s expenses for managing your staff.